In The House.

Alocasia sanderiana

My starter for ten, This houseplant was there at the very beginning. When I first developed an interest in gardening at the age of 19, I headed to Gardeners World Live. Living in the midlands in those days we didnt have an rhs flower show near by so the NEC was the place to be. I found a note book the other day with all the plants I fell in love with that day and this one was on that list. I had hankered after one for years but not being very good with the herb roots in the kitchen I had never ventured down the house plant root. Anyway a positive side to lockdown was that after they reopened Homebase, no one had watered or cared for the houseplants so they were reduced. I bought this looking very sorry for itself with one tiny leaf for £2.00.

It has thrived in the kitchen this summer in a shady spot but I have moved it upstairs and to the sunnier side of the house for the winter to keep it warm. It us starting to out up lots of little baby off shoots I should be able to divide some in spring but it has also produced a strange sort of human teeth shaped, solid white body on the surface. I have no idea what it is.  I shall watch what happens with a great deal of interest.

An important difference between gardening inside and out, I have learnt the hard way. When you pot plants up into your new fancy pot outdoors you wouldn’t consider using a further pot as a plant liner which sits in your fancy pot and allows you to easily remove the plant from the pot and easy watering from the base. I did not realise until I heard them talking about it on GQT the other day and the penny dropped. Ceramic pots don’t bend and squidge when you have a stubborn plant that needs removing. They also cost a lot more so you dont want to break them when it comes to repotting.  Also I have no idea how soggy the bottom of the plant is. Rookie error I will have to rectify in spring.

Well, you didn’t think a plantaholic like me could stop at one houseplant did you! My collection has grown slowly but strongly over the last few months. I am restraining myself now until the spring as I think a beginner has enough to nurse through the winter with this little lot.

The collection of various flower and seed heads drying, waiting  to be used in the creation of christmas decorations and wreaths. Gardeners projects for the murky weather.


Winter Whites

Living in a temperate climate and in the centre of the country Sheltered from many of the extremes of the weather can lead to odd combinations of plants being around at the same time. I may have planted up my winter baskets but the pelegoniums are refusing to finish floweing. There are many Ceanothus, Primula and Rhododendrons in flower in the area too. it has been a very mild autumn so far so everything is a little topsy turvy.

I have cuttings on the go which are looking happy so far. the Pelegonium I came across in a clients garden. They had no idea what it was called so I will have to do some digging but it was almost black. much darker than Lord Bute. Really pleased to see one cutting has definitley taken and the other one hasn’t given up yet so may well shoot too. The Lavenders will eventually be for a pollinator friendly edge down one side of my partners new allotment.

It’s not often I fiddle with photographs but as I cannot take a good photo of my Monstera deliciosa you will have to make do with an arty shot instead. Until next time, Happy Days in the Garden x

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