Garden Theatre.

This week’s gardening blog is very theatrical it has murder, suspense, passion, fashion and experimentation.

A murder most horrid to begin. Greenfly, all over the fresh new growth on my rose. It is perfectly situated for an early attack being on the south facing house wall, not ideal but if I want a rose up the front of the house that is the only option. Loathed as many of us are to use chemicals now I usually resort to squishing. Given the extra time we have on our hands at present, there really is no excuse either. I shall repeat religiously for a few days and then hopefully will overcome the attack.

The eagle eyed among you will have spotted the odd bit of black spot appearing too. I shall pull off the affected leaves and give the plant a liquid feed to keep it healthy and try and fight it off that way.

Tulips are one of my favourite flowers. I have two tales for you this week. The Great Tulip Mystery, what colour were they going to be?Just which variety had I fallen for in November?The suspense was nearly killing me and then, they opened.

Oh no!

Such a disaster and a disappointment. I really dislike yellow in the garden. Why did I plant yellow tulips? Were they in the wrong packet? Resisting the temptation to pull them out in disgust they were allowed to flourish and they have become amazing technicolor tulips. Passing through orange to finish off almost red. I still don’t think they have won a place in my heart for next year but t least they didnt stay bright yellow!

The second Tulip story I have this week has taken about 10 years to come to fruition. About a decade ago I saw in a magazine a picture of some species tulips,Tulipa acuminata.

They are so delicate looking and despite not having that classic tulip shape AND being a little bit yellow they won my heart. However finding the bulbs proved tricky at the time and then I forgot all about them. Remembering at stupid times like mid july when I could do little about it. Until last November when I happened across some bulbs. I have so enjoyed them coming out into flower.

Before we leave tulips behind. Make sure you have a look at Arundell Castle’s Tulip Festival. They are out now and a virtual tour can be enjoyed at such a shame all the back breaking work won’t be experienced close up this year but the tour is a brilliant way to get your fix. Other famous gardens are offering virtual tours, often for free too. So it’s worth a google when you get a minute to yourself.

Salad leaves are coming on well with all the mild weather. Don’t be tempted still, to put anything to tender out but you can start off beans of the french, borlotti or runner descriptions inside now. I would probably wait another week or two before your next successional plantings. I always do my second round of peas, radishes and leaves too early and they are usually ready at the same time as the first. Main crop spuds can go in now. In the flower garden give any winter flowering Heather’s a good going over with the shears. Put in supports for your Delphinium,Peonies and other tall perennials.

Water and feeding, another week to keep an eye on the watering. No rain in the forecast and the wind exacerbates the problem by increasing rates of transpiration, the loss of water through the leaves of plants. Anything that has finished flowering, especially bulbs needs a good potash feed now so that it can already start planning towards next years display.

A lockdown experiment for a free houseplant. I have planned a mango seed. I will keep you posted of progress. You have to remove the seed from the hard husk to speed up germination then plant the seed and keep it somewhere warm. I am also going back to the 70’s and will plant my avocado stone once I have eaten the fruit.

Well, I shall leave you to enjoy the lovely weather and see what you can spy going on in your garden. I am off to wash my hands to try and get the greenfly off. Happy Days in the Garden. X

6 Replies to “Garden Theatre.”

  1. Is yellow that bad? I sometimes enjoy planting things that I can not identify the color of. They are more interesting the colors I would have selected anyway. White is my favorite color, but it can be rather boring in abundance.


    1. If I was to like a yellow planting scheme at all it would just be yellow and green. I just don’t like yellow planted with other colours. I do love white too. White gardens are lovely and white again can be difficult to use with other colours as it can bleach them. I do enjoy planting with red and dark purple planting


      1. As well but then I would also be happy jn a foliage garden with very little flower. I have never tried to plant blind colour wise. An experiment for the future.


  2. Planting a colour you forget you have planted at least brings a little excitement to gardening life! And they were a lovely orange (I’d say) in the end. Sweet little T. acuminata! Have a happy gardening week!


  3. A lovely post and the Arundel garden video was glorious. I might have missed that if not for your post, so thank you! I sometimes get in a hurry with my second succession plantings in the veg garden as well, and then we are inundated with lettuces!


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