All White Now…

Well a new venture for me. Attempting Six on Saturday.

1.There is blossom everywhere in my village at the moment. This Cherry is a very simple flower compared to its blousy double flowered counterparts but sometimes simple says it all.

2. Continuing with simple underrated plants, the simple daisy, Bellis perennis, is emerging in the verges

3.Umbelliferic plants have stolen my heart for many years. Our native cow parsley, Anthriscus sylvestris, is no exception.

4.Tulips, another classic, simple stylish flower shape. There are so many outlandish colour and shape combinations but do they really improve on classic, pure perfection?

5.A lone white ‘blue’ bell in our local woodland. It is a rare genetic mutation that has caused the bluebell not to form the blue pigment in its flowers.

6.Ok, I know this is slightly lilac tinged but compared to the more common purple flowered plant this is classed as white. Honesty, Lunaria annua Alba. Two questions spring to mind, firstly why is called annua when it is a biennial? and secondly do the seedheads make up for the lack of scent or shall I stick to growing sweet rocket instead?

Hope you enjoyed my first effort. It is one positive of the lockdown that I have had time to do this. If you want to play along here is the link,

9 Replies to “All White Now…”

  1. I certainly enjoyed your six – blossom gorgeous, and lovely to give the humble daisies a bit of appreciation. And with you all the way in the umbellifer appreciation club!

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  2. Your first?! It can be addictive.
    I have done quite a few all white SOSs. White is my favorite color, and there is a bit of it here.
    I also wondered what the ‘annua’ is about. I never gave any thought to the lack of fragrance though. Ours grow wild on the roadsides. I do not get very close to them until they go to seed. I collect the seed for one of the neighbors to toss back out onto other roadsides over winter.


  3. We have a double-flowered cherry in our front garden, but I actually prefer the singles and the bees would. Maybe I’ll find space for another some day. (But we do have fruit trees at the back, so the blossom there will keep the bees happy.)


    1. Hi Ann, yes the bees do benefit more from single flowers. I bet your fruit trees will be buzzing at the moment. I’m sure you will find room to squeeze one in somewhere. Plantaholics can always find room. It’s like magic!

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