Solving the Conundrum… Christmas present ideas for those who dream of beautiful gardens.

Trying to decide what to buy for the keen gardener in your life?

Do they wish they knew how to deal with the plants in their garden but don’t have time to take a course?

Treat that someone special to a day of gardening tuition in their own garden. Learn how and when to deal with the plants in your garden. We can also cover how you could enhance your current planting schemes and layout so you can head in to 2020 with the confidence of real hands on knowledge from a passionate plants woman with 15 years experience.

Need help designing a new garden or even just a new planting area for 2020 treat someone special to a garden design for Christmas and help them realise their gardening dreams in 2020

Email or find Kelly Adams Gardener on Facebook to book a day or half a day course or to find out about garden design packages.

Wreaths and Table decorations now being created. Please get in touch soon to avoid disappointment. Right back outside to Happy days in the Garden x

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