…..And Relax.

Photo by Mike Bird from Pexels

Well I’ve made it for another year.Phew! All the vegetables are planted out in all the vegetable gardens. This is one of those deadlines that you just cannot miss.everything has to be ready to go. All the bedding and the Dahlias are planted up in all the pots for the summer and I’ve even, with some help, managed my own at home too.

The greenhouses are now free to grow the Tomatoes, Chillies, Peppers and Aubergines. Which is a good job as the grape vines are starting to flower and spread. Now is the time for taking a moment, take stock of all the hard work you have done to get to this point. It gets easier from now, only the feedining, watering, weeding, dead heading, crisis management and the next lot of clipping to come for the rest of the summer!!

Cerinthe major purpurascens is a member of the borage family and the bees absolutely love it. Even in Derbyshire this can self seed freely if the conditions are right.

I have done some successional sowing of Peas, Beetroot, leaves and Radishes and I have rigged up an experiment with my climbing french beans which I will show you pictures of once they get going. Experimenting with whether they also produce more fruit if trained horizontally.

Oriental Poppies and Peonies. Let’s have a bit of clashing to counter balance the calm planting at Chelsea.

As for this week, very short and sweet from me, I’m afraid. I am going to sit and relax tonight and leave you to rest on your laurels and enjoy what is flowering in your own plot. I have managed to write something most weeks whilst I have been super busy and will be back again next week but for now it is adieu. I will leave you to the lovely change in the weather. As much as I know we desperately need the rain on the garden.The drop in temperatures, just when you plant everything out is expected but annoying. Never mind the plants are tough they will bounce back. Happy Days in the Garden x

Can you see the supports? That is why you put them in really early so they grow up into them rather than having to rush out with a ball of string and a couple of canes after the rain has flattened them.
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