Palms, Jacaranda and Spurges.

Apologies for the shot through the tinted glass on the bus. There was a whole Avenue of mixed palms which looked very effective. I have usually only seen single species Avenue lines. I will hopefully spend some time once I am back sorting through all the different species of plant I have seena and talk in more detail but some tree shots for now include,


With a mixture of solidified volcanic lava, low average rainfall and more than its fair share of wind it must be a challenge to get lots of things to grow on the southern tip of Tenerife I have seen so far. Many of the plants now considered native started life in Africa and were brought to the islands by those using the trade winds. Despite the harsh conditions Tenerife produces a fair amount of crops. All of the crops I have seen being grown so far are in acres of covered growing space offering shelter from the heat and wind along with maybe helping to protect the water too.

Another striking first impression, is about the use of colour and how fabulous, blue looks in the higher light levels, Tenerife enjoys over the Uk. Blue really doesn’t work in out climate like this so we are better sticking to more mute pallets for our outside spaces.

Anyway, I have more research to do and it sounds like the weather is fabulous back home so Keep watering and sowing and enjoy those tulips. Back to normal next week so Happy Days in the Garden til then x

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