(Lady)Birds, Bee’s and very nearly Bikinis !

Well, that must have been the warmest day of the year so far. Feeling positively balmy from early on in the day I was down to a t shirt (gardening in a bikini is not to be recommended) and that was working in the shade. I am still holding my breath though all gardeners know it can change again yet. I have a client, who talks about 1947 when it snowed on Feburary 22nd and it stayed for weeks. In some places where it had drifted there was 14′ of snow. He walked to school over the milk float for weeks before they realised. No snow days then! Anyway just a few shots of the bees and the lady birds out enjoying the sun keeping me company today. I did see a Peacock butterfly but I was up a ladder at the time and not near a camera. Hope you enjoyed the sun and indeed had a Happy Day in the Garden x

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