First things First….

Hi, Thanks for stopping by, I have been a self-employed gardener for 15 years. I continue to design, build and maintain gardens but thought I would also experiment with sharing some thoughts with the world. Mainly about gardening but flashes of everyday life may intrude at times.

So, let’s start at the beginning, with the title for my blog site. I was given a copy of the famous Lynne Truss book ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves’ as my grammar usage is particularly sloppy despite getting 3 A levels and a law degree. Anyway, I opened the book one day and enjoyed the title story about the panda but when it came to the banner stating, “Come inside for CD’s, VIDEO’s, DVD’s, and BOOK’s”. The book said something along the lines of, if you can’t tell what is wrong with this poster this book is not for you. I couldn’t tell what the problem was and have yet to read the end of the book.

However, when I came up with the title for the blog the book title came back to me and now if I am embarking on this new challenge maybe I should persevere with the book to ensure you don’t all cringe whilst reading my blog each week. I do like the ambiguity of the blog title because I do green shoots by looking after them and keeping them fed and healthy but also if you put a comma in there to read Greens, Shoots and Leaves. That would also work as we can talk about green vegetables, plant shoots and leaves. So hopefully I have avoided a grammatical faux pas with the title if not with my writings.

Enough of beginnings on to content. I hope to ramble on once a week about various jobs I have been doing in the garden this week, issues I may have come across that you may be facing too and anything else that has sparked my interest this week plant or otherwise. I am a passionate plants-woman. Being continually swayed between, shrubs, trees, perennials, herbs, annuals and bulbs as to which are my favourite plants of the moment. I do work on various sized vegetable gardens and a couple of orchards so hopefully I should cover something for everybody with green fingers.

I hope you will join my on this journey through a year in my gardening world and until next week, Happy days in the garden. x

2 Replies to “First things First….”

  1. Lovely blog Kelly. John & I are thrilled with the new rookery garden you made for us last Spring. We give you permission to use any photos

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